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Top Things You Should Know About Kinetic Log Splitters

by Jeremy

If you are planning to have adequate logs for home or business use, you must make sure you can split many logs daily without extensive effort. That is where a kinetic log splitter comes in to help you split pieces of log faster and effectively. It is because this machine uses kinetic energy instead of hydraulic energy. Kinetic log splitters store energy as they spin. These machines are the most unique of all log splitters.

Things you should know about kinetic log splitters:

Since kinetic log splitters are different from most log splitters on the market, most people know very little about them. Some do not even realize there is a difference when buying from the preferred stores. Make sure you know what this log splitter is all about to buy a machine that will serve your needs fully. Below are some kinetic log splitter benefits you should know;

How does a kinetic log splitter work?

A kinetic log splitter comes with a motor connected to two flywheels with a belt. The flywheels will spin when you start the machine’s motor. The spinning produces kinetic energy, which is stored. Therefore, pulling the handle engages the clutch, and the flywheels’ energy transfers to the ram. The energy transfer causes the ram to shoot out at high speed, splitting the log.

Why do you need a kinetic instead of a hydraulic log splitter?

One of the reasons you need a kinetic log splitter over its hydraulic counterpart is its speed. A kinetic log splitter is around six times faster than a hydraulic log splitter. This means you no longer need to sit around and wait for the machine to complete a task. It also saves you valuable time to perform other tasks. Another benefit of kinetic log splitters is their ease of maintenance. All you need is to keep the log splitter clean and lubricated. Regular inspections may also help. Furthermore, kinetic log splitters can handle even the most rigid wood pieces. You cannot say the same about hydraulic log splitters.

What are the applications of kinetic log splitters?

Kinetic log splitters are ideal for domestic and commercial applications. Additionally, they can handle big and small jobs and tough and light log pieces. Their applications differ depending on their splitting power (tonnage). Tonnage is the amount of force the ram exerts on a log to split it. The higher the tonnage, the tougher and larger the log the ram can split.

How to choose the suitable kinetic log splitter?

When choosing the suitable kinetic log splitter, some elements you must consider are; tonnage, manufacturer, cost, and size. Have a budget to avoid spending the last coin. Different manufacturers have machines with varying features, prices, and maintenance needs. The application of the splitter also matters.


A kinetic log splitter is a straightforward machine you can depend on for daily usage. It does not require any technical know-how to use. It is also more robust, faster, and efficient than a hydraulic log splitter. You can find commercial and domestic kinetic log splitters on Alibaba.

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