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Things You Should Know About Industrial Washers

by Jeremy

If you have ever taken a walk in a laundromat, you may have seen industrial washer that are way bigger than what you may have seen at your home, or in electronics shops. They are industrial washers, and capable of washing a lot of items at once. Besides laundromats, several other places and businesses like hospitals, research labs and several development industries use industrial washers to clean and sanitize particular items. Read on to know more about industrial washers.

What Are Industrial Washers?

Industrial washers are machines that are capable of washing clothes or other items. They are built to clean and sanitize a specific kind of items, be it trays, instruments, tools or even clothes. These washers are used in places like hospitals to clean and sanitize different tools and trays, in industrial zones to clean work uniforms, tools and instruments, or even in laundromats for people to wash clothes in.

Types Of Industrial Washer

Check out the different kinds of industrial washers your business may need.

1. Fully Automatic

These kinds of washers can operate independently. Once the user puts their clothes or other items inside the washer, they need to select whether they need to give specific instructions regarding the kind of washing they want. A time would be given for when the work will be done, and after that they can pick up their washed items.

2. For Hot Water

These washers only provide cleaning services using hot water. Depending on the model, you might need to pump in hot water into it, or it may also come with a water heating function. These kinds of washers are good for areas where people prefer to wash their clothes or items in hot water.

3. For Cold Water

These washers specialize in washing clothes with cold water, or water at room temperature. Many clothing items require cold water wash for maintaining their fabric quality, and this is the best washer for such clothes. In most cases, water at room temperature is pumped into such washers, and some also come with a special feature for cooling water to a certain temperature.

4. For Solvent Cleaning

These types of washers come with specialized soaps and detergent to get rid of solvents like ink stains, coffee spills and such. Depending on the type and material of clothes given, the user can choose to go for hot or cold water wash. They are a good choice for important clothing items that get easily stained due to negligence or from work.

5. Immersion/Soak

These washers specialize in quick and fast cleaning of light stains or everyday cleaning. Usually soapy  water is used to soak the clothes and other items to be cleaned. They are kept like that for some time to get rid of the daily dirt and grime and after a light spin, the items are ready to be taken out. It is good for clothes that get easily damaged from fast spinning and need to be cleaned daily.


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