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Fingerboard Trucks Helpful Guide – What You Need to Know

by Jeremy

This guide is a touch behind schedule because the V2 updates have been available for a while. Although the term “V2” is not specifically used within the product page, we will be utilizing them moving forward. In reality, we’ll still employ them all. Nevertheless, we will talk about the extras that are included with these fingerboard trucks.

Even though there have been considerable changes made to the baseplate, these trucks are still able to perform well in hanger situations. Altering the baseplates’ angles so that they more closely mimic the profile of a skateboard truck led to this modification. The aesthetic as a whole as well as the utility are both better because to the fact that they are all inclined in the same direction, which is toward the hanger. These baseplates, just like their predecessors, come with pre-threaded mounting holes, enabling for a connection to your fingerboard that is both straightforward and dependable.

Pay Attention to the New Baseplates and the Locking Kingpin

Though they aren’t the only ones, the locking kingpin and reworked baseplates make for an impressive set of expert fingerboard trucks. However, this is not the only enhancement. You will realize you have a good set of trucks if they possess these two features. Each set of trucks has been fitted with unique pivot cups and bushings. Medium-hardness plastic is used for the bushings and pivot cups because it is durable and tear-resistant. The hanger, bushings, and pivot cup must be manufactured in a specific way to provide a tight fit. This was done to increase the adaptability of performance.

Baseplate Design Modifications

The baseplate had to be significantly altered, which called for a slightly longer screw thread on the kingpin. Change the factory kingpin for a longer one that works with any bushing if you want your car to perform better. After that, secure it in place by using a nylon locking solution. It has a modern nylon locking mechanism.

The kingpin is secured within the baseplate by a locking mechanism that may be adjusted for varying degrees of slack. It doesn’t matter if the user has tightened or loosened the baseplate, this can be done either way. There was no kingpin movement or dislodging while you were on the road. The locking procedure was executed flawlessly. Since the screwhead is lower and rounder, it reduces the likelihood of locknut hang-ups during smith grinding, which is the main benefit of these screws. The screw’s design makes this a realistic possibility. For this reason, it is the best period.

Following all of the improvements, the V2 Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks in 32mm, 29mm, and 34mm sizes give professional fingerboard trucks the finest value-to-performance ratio possible. It doesn’t matter if you currently own other professional trucks or are searching for your first pair of high-end fingerboard trucks because Dynamic Trucks work very well in any situation. Every important component of these trucks is specifically made and built to elevate the performance of your fingerboard to the next level, owing to our extensive knowledge in the fingerboard industry and products throughout the years.

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