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Buying Guide For Touch Screen Table

by Jeremy

Various new inventions have been introduced in the digital world with the advancement of technology. Touch screen table is one of the astonishing discoveries till now.

The touch screen table is a smart table. This table features the following things:

  • Multi touch screen
  • Display monitor
  • Computer control board

Everything that can be found in a Smartphone, LCD, or computer is now available in a table form. This smart table can also be used as a traditional table for coffee or other times.

However, it is mainly used for its smart features. You can find this touch screen table at various places in different forms, such as:

  • In cinemas, it is used as a game machine.
  • This table is used as a kiosk in many supermarkets
  • In schools, it can be used as an education platform

Things To Consider Before Buying A Touch Screen Table:

The use of touch screen tables is increasing day by day due to their unique features and wide range of applications. You can find a huge selection of this smart table in the market.

Keep in mind that not every table is of the same quality. We have discussed some essential things you should consider before buying a touch screen table. Let’s dive in.

Types Of Touch Screen Tables:

There are basically two main types of touch screen tables:

  • Capacitive touch screen table
  • Infrared touch screen table

Based on appearance, capacitive touch screen tables are better than IR smart tables. Capacitive tables have a flat surface that is easy to operate. Moreover, this can also be used as a coffee table.

On the other hand, IR tables have a sunken middle portion, which is not a good thing. Regarding sizes, IR tables come with more size options than capacitive ones. You should prefer IR tables if you want a large, high-quality touchscreen table.

Screen Size And Resolution:

You should check the screen size and resolution of the touchscreen table before buying. The perfect screen sizes of this table are usually from 32″ to 55″. You can select any size according to your requirement.

It would be best if you bought a touchscreen table with a higher resolution for good results. The most popular screen resolutions are 1920 x 1080(FHD of 1080P ) and 4K( 3840 x 2160).

Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is the most significant factor to consider while buying a touchscreen table. It would help if you avoided a table with a dark screen, as you will not be able to see clearly what’s on the screen.

If you are buying this table for outdoor use, choose the one with higher screen brightness that must be over 1000 nits. For indoor use, a touch screen table with 350 nits to 500 nits screen brightness can be suitable.

Waterproof Function

You should confirm the waterproof function of the touch screen table before buying it so that you can also use it for placing coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc. It would be best to buy a touch screen table with 5mm thick anti-glare tempered glass.


You should also consider the interface of the touchscreen table before buying it. It would help to buy a table with higher interfaces so that you can connect it with various other devices to enhance its function.


If you have decided to buy a touch screen table, you should read this article before purchasing a table. It will help you to get the best touchscreen table.

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